(Photon Distribution Analysis, PDA)

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  • Probability distribution analysis (PDA) method for the analysis of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) signals to determine with high precision the originating value of a shot-noise-limited signal distribution. PDA theoretical distributions are calculated explicitly including crosstalk, stochastic variations, and background and represent the minimum width that a FRET distribution must have. In this way an unambiguous distinction is made between shot-noise distributions and distributions broadened by heterogeneities.
  • Simultaneously and effectively extracts highly resolved information from FRET distributions.
  • Gaussian distribution of Donor-Acceptor distances is modeled in the PDA method.
  • Corresponding fit routines for single state, N states, N Gaussian distributed states, Model Free distributed states (Maximum of Entropy) and two states with dynamics are realized.
  • Rate constants can be recovered.
  • Steady state anisotropy is defined with very high precision from single molecule data.
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