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Equipment | Abberior STED-MFIS

The custom-designed STED-MFIS (stimulated emission depletion - multiparameter fluorescence image spectroscopy) microscope from Abberior Instruments offers two pulsed STED lines at 595nm and 775nm, each with (also pulsed) two-color excitation at 485nm and 518nm or 561nm and 640nm. Single-photon-sensitive detection of the fluorescence is carried out using up to four single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs), both spectrally and polarization-resolved with picosecond-precise registration (HydraHarp 400, PicoQuant).

This means that both confocal and under STED conditions (2D or easy3D STED), e.g. FLIM, FRAP, FRET and anisotropy measurements as well as a large number of correlation methods (FCS, FCCS, RICS,...) are possible.

The system features an on-stage incubation system for live cell imaging experiments.


This device must be booked through the CAi. To the booking calendar

The user rules and fee schedule of the CAi apply. Billing takes place via MPC (Seidel Group).

Gerät / Equipment interne Nutzung / internal use Service Nutzung / service
Abberior STED-MFIS 25 €/h 35 €/h


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