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Equipment | Abberior STED-MFIS

The custom-designed STED-MFIS (stimulated emission depletion - multiparameter fluorescence image spectroscopy) microscope from Abberior Instruments offers two pulsed STED lines at 595nm and 775nm, each with (also pulsed) two-color excitation at 485nm and 518nm or 561nm and 640nm. Single-photon-sensitive detection of the fluorescence is carried out using up to four single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs), both spectrally and polarization-resolved with picosecond-precise registration (HydraHarp 400, PicoQuant).

This means that both confocal and under STED conditions (2D or easy3D STED), e.g. FLIM, FRAP, FRET and anisotropy measurements as well as a large number of correlation methods (FCS, FCCS, RICS,...) are possible.

The system features an on-stage incubation system for live cell imaging experiments.

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