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  1. KDM6A mutations promote acute cytoplasmic DNA release, DNA damage response and mitosis defects
    Koch, J., Lang, A., Whongsiri, P., Schulz, W. A., Hoffmann, M. J.,
    BMC Molecular and Cell Biology 22, 54 (2021)
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  2. Knockdown of UTX/KDM6A Enriches Precursor Cell Populations in Urothelial Cell Cultures and Cell Lines
    Lang, A., Whongsiri, P., Yilmaz, M., Lautwein, T., Petzsch, P., , Gunes, C., Kohrer, K., Niegisch, G., Hoffmann, M.
    Cancers 12(4), 1023 (2020)
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  3. The histone demethylase UTX/KDM6A in cancer: Progress and puzzles
    Schulz, W.A., Lang, A., Koch, J.,
    Int. J. Cancer 145, 614-620 (2019)
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  4. Contingencies of UTX/KDM6A Action in Urothelial Carcinoma
    Lang, A., Yilmaz, M., Hader, C., Murday, S., Kunz, X., Wagner, N., Wiek, C., Petzsch, P., Kohrer, K., Koch, J., Hoffmann, M.H, , Schulz, W.A.
    Cancers 11(4), 481 (2019)
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  5. Structural assemblies of the di- and oligomeric G-protein coupled receptor TGR5 in live cells: an MFIS-FRET and integrative modelling study
    , Felekyan, S., Ma, Q., Gertzen, C.G.W., Spomer, L., Dimura, M., Peulen, T.-O., Wöhler, C., Häussinger, D., Gohlke, H., Keitel, V., Seidel, C.A.M.
    Sci Rep. 6, 36792 (2016)
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