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Publications - Greife Group
  1. Knockdown of UTX/KDM6A Enriches Precursor Cell Populations in Urothelial Cell Cultures and Cell Lines
    Lang, A., Whongsiri, P., Yilmaz, M., Lautwein, T., Petzsch, P., , Gunes, C., Kohrer, K., Niegisch, G., Hoffmann, M.
    Cancers 12(4), 1023 (2020)
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  2. The histone demethylase UTX/KDM6A in cancer: Progress and puzzles
    Schulz, W.A., Lang, A., Koch, J.,
    Int. J. Cancer 145, 614-620 (2019)
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  3. Contingencies of UTX/KDM6A Action in Urothelial Carcinoma
    Lang, A., Yilmaz, M., Hader, C., Murday, S., Kunz, X., Wagner, N., Wiek, C., Petzsch, P., Kohrer, K., Koch, J., Hoffmann, M.H, , Schulz, W.A.
    Cancers 11(4), 481 (2019)
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  4. Structural assemblies of the di- and oligomeric G-protein coupled receptor TGR5 in live cells: an MFIS-FRET and integrative modelling study
    , Felekyan, S., Ma, Q., Gertzen, C.G.W., Spomer, L., Dimura, M., Peulen, T.-O., Wöhler, C., Häussinger, D., Gohlke, H., Keitel, V., Seidel, C.A.M.
    Sci Rep. 6, 36792 (2016)
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