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  1. Structures of adsorption layers of surfactant mixtures on nonpolar solid surfaces.
    , Jabnoun, M., van Megen, J., Oesterhelt, F.,
    Colloid Polym. Sci. 293, 3107-3117 (2015)
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  2. High adsorptive Properties of Covalent Triazine-based Frameworks (CTFs) for Surfactants from Aqueous Solution.
    Bhunia, A., Dey, S., Bous, M., Zhang, C., , Janiak, C.
    Chem. Commun. 51, 484-486 (2015)
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  3. On the Influence of Surfactants on the Adsorption of Polysaccharide-Based Polymers on Cotton Studied by Means of Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
    Hoffmann, I., Theile, M., Grätz, S., Scholz, J., Barreleiro, P., , Gradzielski, M.
    Langmuir 28 (31), 11400-11409 (2012)
    Full text |

  4. Adsorption Isotherms of Cellulose-Based Polymers onto Cotton Fibers Determined by Means of a Direct Method of Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
    Hoffmann, I., Oppel, C., Gernert, U., Barreleiro, P., , Gradzielski, M.
    Langmuir 28 (20), 7695-7703 (2012)
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  5. The influence of polymers, surfactants and salt on the fine structure of cotton revealed by SANS.
    Hoffmann, I., Oppel, C., Prévost, S., Gernert, U., Barreleiro, P., , Gradzielski, M.
    Colloids Surf. B 91, 175-180 (2012)
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  6. Dynamic surface tension of surfactant systems and its relation to foam formation and liquid film drainage on solid surfaces.
    Buzzacchi, M., Schmiedel, P.,
    Colloids Surf. A 273, 47-54 (2006)
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  7. Structure and Dynamics of Surfactant-based Foams.
    Engels, T., , Schmiedel, P.
    Progr. Colloid Polymer Sci. 111, 117-126 (1998)
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  8. Phase Behavior, Lyotropic Phases, and Flow Properties of Alkyl Glycosides in Aqueous Solution.
    Platz, G., Poelike, J., Thunig, Ch., Hofmann, R., Nickel, D.,
    Langmuir 11 (11), 4250-4255 (1995)
    Full text |

  9. Influence of Microemulsion Phases on the Preparation of Fine-disperse Emulsions.
    Förster, Th., , Wadle, A.
    Adv. in Colloid and Interfaces Sci. 58, 119-149 (1995)
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