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  1. Single-molecule FRET reveals multiscale chromatin dynamics modulated by HP1α
    Kilic, S., Felekyan, S., Doroshenko, O., Boichenko, I., Dimura, M., Vardanyan, H., Bryan, L. C., Arya, G., Seidel, C. A. M., Fierz, B.
    Nat. Commun. 9, e235 (2018)
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  2. Combining graphical and analytical Methods with molecular simulations to analyze time-resolved FRET-measurements of labeled macromolecules accurately
    Peulen, T.-O., Opanasyuk, O., Seidel, C. A. M.
    J. Phys. Chem. B. 121, 8211-8241 (2017)
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  3. Uptake dynamics of graphene quantum dots into primary human blood cells following in vitro exposure
    Fasbender, S., Allani, S., Wimmenauer, C., Cadeddu, R.-P., Raba, K., Fischer, J. C., Bulat, B., Luysberg, M., Seidel, C. A. M., Heinzel, T., Haas, R.
    RSC Advances 7, 12208-12216 (2017)
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  4. Quantitatve FRET studies and integrative modeling unravel the structure and dynamics of biomolecular systems
    Dimura, M., Peulen, T.-O., Hanke, C. A., Prakash, A., Gohlke, H., Seidel, C. A. M.
    Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 40, 163-185 (2016)
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  5. Structural assemblies of the di- and oligomeric G-protein coupled receptor TGR5 in live cells: an MFIS-FRET and integrative modelling study
    Greife, A., Felekyan, S., Ma, Q., Gertzen, C. G. W., Spomer, L., Dimura, M., Peulen, T.-O., Wöhler, C., Häussinger, D., Gohlke, H., Keitel, V., Seidel, C. A. M.
    Sci. Rep. 6, 36792 (2016)
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  6. Diffusion of macromolecules in a polymer hydrogel: from microscopic to macroscopic scales
    Sandrin, D., Wagner, D., Sitta, C. E., Thoma, R., Felekyan, S., Hermes, H. E., Janiak, C., de Sousa Amadeu, N., Kühnemuth, R., Löwen, H., Egelhaaf, S. U., Seidel, C. A. M.
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 12860-12876 (2016)
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  7. Guanylate binding proteins (GBPs) directly attack T. gondii via supramolecular complexes
    Kravets, E., Degrandi, D., Ma, Q., Peulen, T.-O., Klümpers, V., Felekyan, S., Kühnemuth, R., Weidtkamp-Peters, S., Seidel, C. A. M., Pfeffer, K.
    eLife 2016; 5:e.11479 (2016)
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