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News 2015

Deborah Sandrin wins the best presentation award at the Workshop FCS in Polymer Science, September 24th-25th, 2015 RWTH Aachen.

Title: Quantitative experimental and theoretical investigation of diffusion of macromolecules through gel matrices


Dmytro Rodnin successfully finished his doctorate with the thesis entitled "Protein dynamics as studied by single molecule Förster resonance energy transfer". Congratulations !!

Aiswaria Prakash received a doctoral scholarship from the DAAD and can make her doctoral thesis in the MPC.

Thomas Peulen wins the poster award of the Fluorescence Subgroup at the Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore, USA.

Titel: Positional Fluorophore Properties in High-Precision FRET Analysis: Orientation Effects, Dynamic Quenching and Beyond


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